Explorer Compass

Real adventures on and off absolutely any path

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Go anywhere,
in any
season with


One-piece, fully
moulded, seamless
fibreglass body.
Stronger, lighter and
no leaks


The perfect size to
park and manoeuvre.
Two Explorer models
from only 5.65m to
5.9m in length


Four berths, galley, shower, basin and toilet all fully self-contained for long periods
off the grid


Explorers are built tough
for New Zealand
conditions. Full service
and back up from
Explorer Motorhomes

The key to choosing your ideal motorhome really is size. It’s easy to build big, but it’s another to design a motorhome that does everything you need, yet remains an absolute pleasure to use.


Explorers aren’t too big, nor too small. Their compact space is organised perfectly, simply. Explorers are as easy to drive and park as a car. You won’t be afraid to leave home. In fact, you may choose to forget you even have one.


These motorhomes have everything you need and much more than you ever imagined, cleverly arranged in a comfortable space that becomes the stage for the most spectacular shows that New Zealand nature can perform for you.


An Explorer is everything you need, wherever you want to go. And here’s the best bit. It’s made tough, right here in New Zealand by craftspeople who know more than a thing or two about motorhomes. That’s why we only build the Explorer Compass and Navigator models using one-piece fully moulded fibreglass bodies on the acclaimed Ford Ranger ute. Refined, tough and four wheel drive to take you to the places other motorhomers can only dream about.


Explorer’s your best choice when you want to find real adventure wherever the path leads.

Explorers are unique motorhomes for New Zealanders. They take the best of every motorhome ever built and discard the rest, leaving you a perfectly-formed kiwi adventure lifestyle machine.

Two intrepid Explorer models take you places the others can't




  • 5.65m long x 2.0m wide x 2.9m high overall

  • Luton bed 1.95m x 1.35m (long Double), sitting headroom of 850mm with one easy step up

  • Two double berths

  • Fully equipped galley with stove/grill and 2-way fridge/freezer

  • Fully equipped bathroom with fixed bench toilet

  • Rear dinette lounge



Slightly larger than Compass, Navigator adds 80mm in width and 250mm in length, creating a more spacious interior which extends living, bathroom and bed spaces. Navigator includes the features of Compass with these basic differences and a few more:


  • 5.9m long x 2.08m wide x 2.95m high overall

  • Larger luton bed 2m x 1.5m (Queen)

  • Extended galley bench with pull-out pantry and oven

  • NEW Extended bathroom with fixed bench toilet

  • Insect screen door

  • Bathroom vanity cabinet

  • Bathroom drying rack

  • Clearview mirrors

Explore the size of Compass and Navigator


The basic difference between both Explorers is size. Click the arrows to see Navigator's additional space shown in blue.

Explorer river crossing
Explorer Navigator 4WD

The Explorer compact and complete concept


Motorhomes built using truck chassis and vans don’t always make the easiest vehicles to drive, park or manoeuvre, so Explorer created a new concept. Hop in and go motorhomes as easy to use as a car - but able to be driven through a stream, up a mountain or across broken ground if you want to.

Explorer’s first motorhome model was the Compass developed right here in New Zealand in 2007. The slightly larger Navigator model debuted in 2011.

Uniquely, we started by building the new Explorer on brand new single cab ute chassis. We designed an efficiently shaped one-piece composite body with smooth rounded edges and an attractive integrated overhead luton to provide better performance, stability and economy.

The key to the design success has been the overall size and clever use of space to accommodate everything needed for on and off-road touring. Explorers are built tough, waterproof and well insulated for local use. Many motorhomes just don’t cut it in our environment.

Since the introduction of the award-winning Ford Ranger ute, which we now use exclusively, Explorer Motorhomes have become even more like cars in comfort, performance, sure-footed safety and easy handling. Superior power and four-wheel drive has revolutionised the capability and appeal of this motorhome for adventurous New Zealanders.